My projects

I post here all my finished projects. There is some java creations, blender 3D modeling and some 3D printing.

Indeed, I've learned Java programming and i love making small useful program for users. I also learned how to model objects with blender. So you can find small 3d modeling projects made with blender. But in 3D modeling, I especially like the lowpoly style. That's why I've made models with this style. When I learned the existance of 3D printing, I became passionnate about it. This is the reason why I bought an Ender3 3D printer and why i'm printing a bunch of stuff with it.

So here are the things I made :

project image



This is a galaxy render made on Blender.

During this modeling, I wanted to do as much as possible with the nodes and not with the geometry. So that's what I did. In this scene, there is only a circle and a background. All the colors and are generated thanks to the nodes that I placed.

I'm quite satisfied with the result since the texture break is barely visible and the rendering is quite realistic.

Thanks to this project, I was able to learn more about Blender's nodes and how to associate them to make a rendering that I am proud of. So I learned more about how Blender's materials work and how to make them look more realistic.

project image

American space shuttle


I find space exploration to be very impressive and very satisfying. Also, I've been modeling 3D objects for a while, I wanted to do something quite realistic. So I made this model.
This modeling was a challenge since the shape of the cockpit windows is not easy to achieve.

After having made it, I find that this model is very successful and I want to print it in 3D to be able to have it on my shelf.

project image

Floating island in Lowpoly


Here is my first (and last to date) serious realization of the low-poly style. As I said before, I particularly like the lowpoly style. Moreover I find that a small floating island is a good model for a beginner in this graphic style. After several iterations, I find that this model is very successful and I am satisfied with it.

This project allowed me to learn more about Blender, a 3D editing software. It also allowed me to understand more in depth how materials work and how to apply them to make this graphic style.

To see the model in 3d, click here.

project image

3D printing of a jet engine


I am passionate about 3D printing. I find that printing the object that we have modeled is very satisfying. This also allows us to see the principle of operation of certain mechanisms to which we do not have access. That's why I wanted to print a sectional jet engine available here. After about 180 hours of printing, I am more than satisfied with the result.

project image
project image

Real-Time Bandwidth Viewer


Currently having a connection with a very low speed, I developed an application that allows me to display the speed of my connection in real time. I wanted to see my throughput at any time, even if I had another app open.

To be able to use this application you must have JAVA installed. For more information and to download it, go here.

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